I was really happy to have the possibility inviting Vietnamese artist Linh Nguyen to Leipzig for a talk. For further information see our mail correspondence below:

Hi Martin,

I would like to talk firstly about how to be an artist in Vietnam – in the strict censorship environment and the lack of education, institution, funding through my process of growing up at NHA SAN studio, being nurtured and working with the most expected avant garde artists of that time, how I experienced the artists tried to break barriers and influenced to my practice. I will introduce a little bit about Vietnamese history since the french colonization ended in 1954 and then the country was in civil war with Communists in the north and Americans in the south. After 1975 the Communists won the war and run the country. They re-wrote the history and close the door to the world but only other communist countries such as Russia, China, Cuba…
In 1984 the Vietnamese government open the economic and policy to the world. I will try to sum up how all these historical events influenced to Vietnamese contemporary artists today. Furthermore I will introduce my own practice and give some experiences being an artist and curator/organizer of NHA SAN collective.

You can find a recording of the talk here.

If you want further information, or check the Links being mentioned in the end of the talk you can find them here.

Linh’s Website I NhaSan’s Website I San-Art’s Website