That an art academy expands their self description by the term of transculturality, seems as compelling as gratifying in times of accelerated migration and flight. However, what does it mean practically? What are the structural conditions for artistic practices and education aiming for transculturality?
Openess, transparency and hospitality are buzz words which art institutions like to claim for themselves. However, very often this “opening” remains symbolic – social exclusions and marginalisations persist unabated, overshone by the institution’s clear conscience, autocratical gestures of welcome and responsibility. Art considers itself to be transcultural, but unconsciously reproduces the imperative of integration.
The aim of OpenTheOpening is to interrupt here and critically reflect on the conditions of trancultural artistic practices – within the academy and beyond.

Therefore we created a program focusing on topics such as migration, intersectional knowledge production and representation of migrant communities. Here you can see a Shortlist from the Inputs and facilitators we invited for that program:

Margarita del Carmen & Kristian Byskov – The City Is Moving!
Massimo Perinelli – No Integration! Migrantische Kämpfe um Recht & Repräsentation
Khaldun Al Saadi – Integration für alle!
Cana Bilir-Meier – Erinnerung und Repräsentation in Migrationskontexten
Wahshi Kuhi & Veronika Albrandt – In the academy we don’t like to have bodies – but we do

A description of the workshops and lectures can be found on our poster. opentheopening was planned and organized by Martin Haufe, Anna Lebedeva, Karoline Schneider and Maximilian Steinborn. If you are interested in the program feel free to contact us. We are continuing working with this project in 2017 as well.